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Only Stutzman's gives you free

    Lifetime Set-ups and Adjustments....

          Why is this important?

An instrument's set-up is very important.
When you purchase an instrument from us, the instrument is set-up to our shop specifications before it is even put out on the sales floor! This means that the instrument has been adjusted so that it is easy to play for a beginner, but most other players would also be comfortable with the playability. And, lifetime adjustments are included FREE in your purchase price!

What is a good set-up?
Well, for example, an acoustic guitar usually has three parts that should be adjusted for a proper set-up: the bridge, the neck, and the nut. Once these three points are properly aligned, the strings are the proper height above the neck. This is what is called the "action". A good set-up will have the action just right.

Action is critical.
If the action is too low, the strings will buzz when pressed. But if the action is too high, the strings will be hard to press down, often causing difficulty for beginners. Also, high action means the strings are being stretched too much when pressed, which throws the guitar out of tune.

Ongoing maintenance is needed.
Guitars and other stringed instruments need to be checked for adjustment on a regular basis, usually 2-3 times a year. Because they are made of wood, instruments change shape slightly throughout the year. Temperature and humidity changes cause the tops and necks of wooden instruments to change the most.

Stutzman's is unique!
Instruments purchased at Stutzman's carry our Exclusive Free Lifetime Set-up and Adjustment Guarantee. No other store in town sets up their instruments before you buy them. If you purchase your instrument somewhere else, you may not even get any adjustments at all!

At another music store, you may find that the kid selling you the guitar simply pulls it right out of the box from the factory and hands it to you. They may even tell you it has a "factory set-up"!

Inexpensive instruments from China are not bad.
We sell them at Stutzman's! But, they are inexpensive because their factories make thousands of guitars a day! And do you really think there is actually someone in that factory on the other side of the world that KNOWS how to properly set-up a guitar, much less has the time to do set-ups on those thousands of instruments they crank out?

No way. The music store HAS to do the set-ups. The truth is, whether the instrument was made in California or China, it needs to be adjusted to play properly, and it needs to be adjusted throughout its lifetime.

So, when you buy an instrument somewhere else and you discover your guitar needs a set-up, you bring it back to the store you bought it from, where they are more than happy to set it up for you.....for $50!

And then, 6 months later, when the season has changed and your instrument has changed shape with the change in the season, you take it back in to them for another adjustment....and another repair bill from them! You can see how this would add up to some serious cash very quickly.

How can you know you're getting a good deal?
You can avoid all that hassle and expense by coming to Stutzman's, where real adult musicians will share their collective years of knowledge and experience with you for free! You can always be sure we have told you all you need to know to take care of your instrument when you buy from Stutzman's, and if you EVER have any questions, we're just a phone call or e-mail away!

      Our Exclusive Free Lifetime Guarantee is just another example of why Stutzman's is the best!

      **Does not apply to "as is" instruments.**

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